Blog of Torgny Peterson, Special Advisor to WFAD
Mr. Peterson has been the Head of the social section at the Maria Clinic for young people in Stockholm, Director of HNN, and the European Cities Against Drugs. He has written numerous articles about drugs, and hosted and spoken at several national and international conferences on money laundering, organized crime, motorcycle gangs, research on drugs, prevention and treatment. TP was a member of the Swedish Government’s delegation to UNGASS in New York in 1998 and a trainer in the “Drug Trafficking Module” for the EU applicant countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Read more about Torgny Peterson here.
George Soros is at it again. He is helping Uruguay to get more people addicted to marijuana by contributing $100 000 to the campaign to legalize marijuana.

It is worth knowing more about George´s ideas about drugs. In the book Soros on Soros he says, "I´ll tell you what I would do if it were up to me. I would establish a strictly controlled distribution network through which I would make most drugs, excluding the most dangerous ones lika crack, legally available. Initially, I would keep prices low enough to destroy the drug trade. Once that objective was attained I would keep raising the prices, very much like the excise duty on cigarettes, but I would make an exception for registered addicts in order to discourage crime. I would use a portion of the income for prevention and treatment. And I would foster social opprobrium of drug use."

Who on earth would leave decisions on drug policy to George Soros? But as well all know – money talks - in various ways.

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