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The Concept paper provides an outline of activities that aims at providing information to young people in Secondary Schools in Malawi on the negative effects of harmful consumption of alcohol and use of marijuana and other drugs both to their own health and the community.

Submitted By the Executive Director of Drug Fight Malawi

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The Rapid Situation Analysis, a survey conducted by the Centre for Social Studies at the University of Malawi in conjunction with Zomba Mental Hospital ( a major mental hospital in the country) and the Ministry of Health in 2004 revealed that harmful consumption of alcohol, smoking of tobacco and use of marijuana were at the increase in Malawi particularly among young people and also ranked high as the main drugs of abuse in the country.

The main drugs of abuse in the country probably due to the following factors ;

- Though illegal, marijuana is highly grown and used in the country by young people (easily accessible and affordable)

- Malawi is amongst the 10 leading tobacco growers in the world with 75% grown by peasant farmers in rural areas (easily accessible and affordable) and with no single tobacco control regulation

- Alcohol beverage production by formal and informal manufactures is high. The problem has been multiplied with the influx of very cheap liquor sachets. (No Alcohol Policy in place, lack of government efforts in enforcement of existing liquor acts in the country.

Young people are highly at risk in Malawi because of not only lacking legislations but also with no access to evidence-based information on the dangers of use of these substances.

The problem has the following results on the people and economy of the country;

1. High school dropout. (illiterate rate amongst the highest in the world)

2. HIV prevalence rate amongst the highest in the world ( at 11% according to National AIDS Commission 2012)

3. Poverty level; very high (among the 10th poorest nations in the world with 67% living below poverty line (Malawi Integrated Household Survey 2010-2011) and with 25% of the population chronically food insecure.

It is against this background that Drug Fight Malawi would like to embark on sharing information with young people particularly those in schools so that they have informed choice.

As much as the organization is well positioned as the only NGO in the country registered to focus on these issues and also with very good relationship with the government through Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth just to mention a few, Drug Fight Malawi has limited technical expertise not only to bring to the youth the very important and good materials but also the best ways to deriver

Objective of this Concept Proposal:

To seek for technical support from interested partners within the membership of World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD)

Handling of the project:

Interested partners will either train Drug Fight Malawi officers and other local interested groups and individuals in Malawi (Training of Trainers Sessions) to ensure smooth implementation of the project by locals.

In addition to providing trainings to locals, interested partners may wish to participate in the implementation of the project in secondary schools.

Contribution from Drug Fight Malawi

The organization will provide all the necessary non-monetary support such as; providing required information of the country, provide mode of transport (a vehicle), provide an office to interested partners throughout the project period if interested to participate in the implementation, assisting in getting necessary papers to enable interested partner/s work on voluntary basis in the country and other support as explained here in.

Duration of the project : The project will be implemented from October, 2013 and May, 2015

Drug Fight Malawi