Narconon Nigeria is a nonprofit drug free organization aims to eradicate the problems of drug and alcohol abuse in Nigeria through effective drug education and drug prevention services.                                                                                                      

Having discovered that at every point, it seems that our youth who are our future are surrounded with insidious influences that seem to encourage or condone substance abuse.

Our strategy and Activities

We have adopted “CATCH THEM YOUNG” strategy and in the last four month we have been able to cover about 35 schools with over 2,500 kids.

We organize public lectures in three communities with about 200 youths called “Area Boys” meaning Restive Youth, in Mafoluku oshodi Area of lagos state, Odeda Area of Ogun state and ikire Area of Osun state all in South West Nigeria

Religious group such as Muslim and Christian organization were not left out.

We have also started the process of our registration with about 80 percent completion which cost about N200,000 naira equivalent to $1,500 dollars. Because Without Cooperate Affairs Commission [CAC] registration we cannot achieve much. Attached is the copy of CAC Approval

In the course of our campaign, we discovered that most of the youth who are on hard drugs are either not aware of the adverse effect or they were given false information about the illicit drug consumption.

In this second quarter the result has been very encouraging as we are making positive impact among the school kids, awareness among the youth and keeping the society free of drug.

Our challenges

1. We usually encounter some challenges such as an attack on some of our members in the course of our campaign against the use of illicit drug in some places by either those who are selling drugs or those who are using it. The reasons behind this attack are not far fetch, the seller as well as users felt threaten with what we are doing and thinking our coming around will expose them. This challenge is life-threatening but we are determined and resolute to carry on with the campaign. NO amount of threat will stop our vision in making our world a drug free place to live.

2. Shortage of fund, our activities have been self sponsored from the little we earn in our other business activities. And there has never been government support. This has affected our campaign in different ways.

3. Administrative bottleneck and delay in getting the CAC certificate which we have spent $1,500 in the process

4. Need of a befitting Office, the office we occupy presently was given to us temporary by someone and he has already served us a notice to vacate the apartment by 31th of December, 2013. We are in need of office where we can operate conveniently, keep records and have a permanent contact point for people.

5. Shortage of publicity materials .We do not have enough Educational materials to distribute during our public campaign. We always manage the little we got from international organization and the one locally printed by our Organization such as “ Signs and Indications of Drugs Leaflets and Ten Things Your Friend May not Know About Drug Booklet”.

6.Mobility challenges, moving from one place to another was sometime difficult for us when there is no one to volunteer his or her personal car or bus. We have to charter a bus to convene our team members to some locations especially if it is outside Lagos state.


We hope to press on and achieve a greater feat in the third quarter of this year. Attack from any drug seller cannot deter us from attaining a drug free society. However, meeting our needs by your organization can aid our operation particularly in providing a befitting office in Lagos State, fund and a vehicle.

Narconon Nigeria will be most grateful if your organization can help in any of the above mention request or make a recommendation on our behalf to any sister organization or any concerned government parastatals and agencies. With your help and support we can double up our activities for a better result.


Thank You

Ayedun Taiwo

Executive Director,

Narconon Nigeria Initiative

+234 8023 4134 66

+234 8170 9999 32.

Narconon Nigeria