On 5 February 2013, the Prime Minister announced the opening of an injection room in Paris.


Due to the announcement the Parents Against Drugs Association lodged an appeal before the Council of State against the Prime Minister and two complaints to tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris and Court of Justice of the Republic against the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health on July 9. 

The complaints were filed for inciting drugs, facilitating the use of drugs.

In August the Council of State gives us right and recognizes that our application is admissible.

Despite this the government and the Mayor of Paris does not take account of that advice and continues to say that the injection room will open on 1 November 2013.

Parent Against Drugs continues to file complaints over the decision to open injection rooms in France. The government believed that it will be enough to open an injection room by simply writing a decree. The prime minister refuses any debate in parliament.

On 8 October, the State Council gave us right a second time and prevents the government to open injection rooms, because it is impossible to open it without changing the law. This is the second victory for Parents Against Drugs.

Now the opening of the hall is delayed for at least six months. However, the government still insists on opening injection rooms in France.

We will stay vigilant to the end, we shall fight to the end.

Serge Lebigot
Président de l’association Parents Contre la Drogue [President, Parents Against Drugs]

Parents Contre La Drogue