Member Activity

Normally in Chile March like as Monday, and for La Roca is the same:

1. In Teenager programs we are starting in 4 cities: Villarrica, La Union, Nueva Imperial, and Viña del Mar, with emphasis in rehab and preventions initiatives.                                                                                                                       

2. Also La Roca is in stronger effort in adults area programs in 4 cities: Viña del Mar, La Union, Valparaiso and Temuco with ambulatory and residential programs.

3. We are in a new challenger: start in the Technical Departament La Roca in a National Level for support all programs in the next step and for the future in this NGO.

4. In Chile are a New President: Michelle Bachelett and we are working in the National Board Treatmet Goverment and NGOs Team, and we have a very great and new challenge for the next year.

Comunidad La Roca