As mentioned in the past, we have finished the implementation of the project Support centre for families with addiction prevention. It was part of the broader project (Social Welfare Child Care System Reform - Enhancing Social Inclusion IPA 2010) implemented by the UNDP Office in Montenegro in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Education and UNICEF. This project was funded by the EU Delegation to Montenegro. Our main objective was to provide support services for family members of substance abusers, bearing in mind their status of vulnerable group with particular reference to children whose one or both parents are substance abusers. The project resulted with an increase of 5% of family members who benefited services offered in our organization.

NGO Preporod implements the project Alternative which is a part of the 18-month program The Criminal Justice Civil Society Program (CJCSP). It is funded by the US State Department's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) through the United States Embassy in Podgorica, and implemented by East West Management Institute (EWMI) and World ORT Inc (ORT).

The objective of this project is to train property crime inspectors to enhance their communication skills based on Motivational Interviewing method when they are faced with offenders/substance abusers. If the inspector, at the time of arrest, take advantage of the moment, and motivate the drug addicted person to recognize and accept the treatment, we believe that this will have a significant impact on reducing the number of problems related to addiction, including the problem of the Justice System who deals with the same offender several times for the same or a similar crime. Therefore, we have already provided three main workshops for north, central and south region of Montenegro. We can conclude that these workshops were very good organized and successful. We obtained important information in regards to relevant interventions and enhancing work conditions of police officers so that they can start using this technique on daily basis. Furthermore, evaluation questionnaire showed that the workshops were highly rated especially when it comes to the usefulness and information quality. Several offenders with substance abuse problem were referred to NGO Preporod by police officers who participated in workshops, which was a significant achievement and showed the level of workshop/project impact.

The following activities are based on the creation of official Protocol that will enable serious and official application of Motivational interviewing technique by Police representatives. Furthermore, we are conducting an on-line questionnaire with the aim to get an insight into attitudes and opinions of Montenegrin society in regards to addiction related problems and treatment possibilities for drug/ substance abusers in Montenegro. This will provide relevant base for further development of advocating campaign of alternative of prison sentence through treatment possibilities within non-institutional conditions through long-term stationary treatment. This advocating campaign is the second objective of the project Alternative, and we plan to develop this idea in the future in order to enhance treatment possibilities in non-institutional conditions for individuals with substance abuse problems.

Best regards from NGO PREPOROD (eng. Rebirth)