WCTU Australia is constantly in action with Drug Education presented in schools particularly in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. We are constantly reviewing and renewing leaflets and educational materials used in this work. Currently the dolls replicating babies born drug affected are very effective and their "crying" makes quite an impact on students.
The Federal Government receives our letters of protest or commendation e.g. the anti-smoking campaign which has been well orchestrated by our Government and smoking has decreased considerably with the advent of the plain packaging laws and other initiatives.
During 2012 our organization hosted the World WCTU Triennial Convention. The keynote speaker Dr Gregory Pike (Bio Ethics Institute, Adelaide, SA) gave an address on the fallacy of legalising Marijuana and this was well received as there are moves throughout Australia and the World to legalise. His address is available on our website, www.wctu.com.au
FASD is our ongoing campaign because so many babies are born with this incurable condition and about 44% of women vow they would still drink alcohol when pregnant.

WCTU Australia