Member Activity

The Foundation for a Drug-Free Europe (FDFE) was created in 2004 as a branch of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. FDFE gathered about a hundred of organizations Say No To Drugs (SNTD) through 22 European countries. The common objective of the SNTD associations is a preventive information of youngsters and adults on the drug dangers so they can make the decision to live a drug-free life.


In Czech Republic,
 the 25 participants of the 11th edition of the SNTD Cyclo-run team started in Orlova with the approval of the City and in the presence of 350 children. The race lasted 10 days, passing through 45 cities, covering 1 300 kilometers, distributing 30 600 booklets The Truth About Drugs and holding 130 lectures in 46 schools of 23 cities, representing 4 538 children! Thus, many of them were discouraged from taking drugs and others were strengthened in their decision to never take them.

The media coverage by TV channels, radios and newspapers reached about 2 250 000 people.

The Cyclo-run ended in Prague where the team was received by many Senators and the Head of the Senate who stated: Anti-drug education is cheaper, more effective and definitely better than solving the consequences of drugs. I very much appreciate this activity and consider it important. The Senate will engage in it further .

The impact in preventing drug use is significant. Those who are informed can resist peer pressure and choose for themselves to never start drugs in the first place. Another result is that when, especially young people, learn the truth about drugs, they naturally want to bring that information to others, thus expanding the data, person to person, community to community.




In France, in 2013, groups of SNTD volunteers in the 9 main cities regularly set up information booths in high-traffic location and handed out about 91400 booklets The Truth About Drugs.

These booklets content key data, briefly describing: Why do people take drugs? How do drugs work? Drugs affect the mind, and The basic facts, with Short and Long Term Effects of the 11 commonly abused drugs: Marijuana, Alcohol, Ecstasy, Cocaïne & Crack Cocaïne, Crystal Meth & Methamphetamine, Inhalants, Heroïn, LSD and Prescription Drug Abuse. The booklet terminates with What Dealers Will Tell You.

In addition, they held 180 events such as lectures, PSAs showings, drug-free pledge signings, performances by artists, etc.