Special Issue on Addiction and Substance Abuse – Science Journal of Public Health (SJPH)

Lead Guest Editor - Ikenna Molobe, Co-founder/Director, Unified Initiative for a Drug-Free Nigeria (UIFDFN)

Drug and substance abuse is a global health problem. The global situation of drug abuse reveals that the problem has become a major source of concern. The dearth of research in drug abuse and addiction is also a major source of concern. More especially there is lack of facts and finding in Africa and Nigeria in particular. The solution to drug situation cannot be achieved without research. Studies on issues of drugs and addiction are most neglected. Likewise, some research has been conducted but has not been accessed or made available to the public due to lack of publishing. In order to promote publication and access to researches on the issues of drugs and addiction, Mr. Ikenna Molobe, the Co-founder and Director of Unified Initiative for a Drug-Free Nigeria (UIFDFN) proposed a special issue research publication project on Addiction and Substance Abuse under the Science Journal of Public Health (SJPH) of the Science Publishing Group (SPG) USA. This project he implemented on the approval of his proposal and as the Lead Guest Editor of the Special Issue on Addiction and Substance Abuse, carried out the responsibility for inviting papers submissions, the reviews and quality of the whole Special Issue. The special issue was advertised through social media and drug abuse coalition networks around the world for a 6 months period, and web portal was opened for researchers to submit their work which passed through a professional peer review process for acceptance. Respectable scholars around the globe were also invited as Guest Editors for review process and advisory for review papers. The key objective of this project is to improve prevention, rehabilitation and treatment methodology through advanced research where original research papers are solicited in any aspect of innovative approach and findings as it relates to drug use and addiction. The published papers will also back facts and findings to support review of policies and implementation of interventions. The published papers have received many views which can be accessed on the following link: http://membership.sciencepublishinggroup.com/specialissue/specialissueinfo?specialissueid=251022&journalid=251

The Lead Guest Editor’s research paper on Sexual Behaviour and Abuse of Drugs among Urban Teenagers in Lagos was also part of the published papers in the special edition. The publishing project is expected to continue in editions as part of the initiative of the Ikenna Molobe, the co-founder/Director of Unified Initiative for a Drug-Free Nigeria (UIFDFN) in partnership with Science Journal of Public Health (SJPH) to encourage more research and publication on drugs and substance abuse.