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The Health sector of WFAD member Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) observes the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2019 with due importance.

On 26 June 2019 was the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Multiple campaigns, rallies, poster designing and many other programs were conducted in the observance of the day. A large number of people from all over the world celebrate this day by organizing and conducting several events. The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh observes the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking with due sincerity. Civil Society Organizations (CSO) also take part in the government events, and they organize several events on their own to reflect the necessity of the day. Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) is one of the pioneer CSOs in Bangladesh which have been very vocal in the fight against drug use and other societal problems related to it. The Health Sector of Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) runs treatment facilities, along with conducting preventive activities against drug use. It observed the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking through organizing week long events. The theme of this year’s day was “Health for Justice, Justice for Health”.

Read the report of campaign program 2019.
WFAD Member Community Outreach Burundi (COB) has been charted in May - 12th- 2016 by the Ministry of Home Affairs under No 530/975 as nonprofit organisation. COB is recognized in Burundi through its  diverse interventions in Drug Free Education and Mental Health program.

"During 28th to 29 June 2019, COB in collaboration with Two Main schools of Bujumbura North quarters: Lycée Municipal de Kamenge and Lycée Municipal de Kinama, joined hands with all the world in the celebration of International day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Among special Guests, COB mentioned: "The international Burundian Musician NATHASHA a.k La NOMA, the famous DJ AMIRI Pro, Famous Star Lary Joe, comedians and others.
Ceremonies had been launched at 28th June 2019- Municipal Lycée of Kamenge were 4 boxes of  Truth about Drugs booklets had been distributed in a public of 3980 people. Students exhibited Drug Free sketches and the famous Musician Lary Joe supported them by sweet songs and dance.
COB has continued the series of events next day 29th -June-2019 at Lycée Kinama where around 5,430 youth were presented. The International Burundian Woman Musician Star NATASHA and the Bujumbura famous Journalist of Buja-FM "DJ AMIRI Pro" were special guests. Students' traditional dances, music and folklore related to youth's Drug free education were on the focus. After all, 5 boxes of truth about drug booklets had been distributed.
That series of even COB was represented by 20 volunteers and 4 Staff including the Director of Projects (Mr Prosper Havyarimana); The Logistic Officer (Mr Joshua Mahoro); The Accountant (Mme Carina Akimana) and the Volunteers Supervisor (Mr Etienne Ndayisenga). Apart the slogan of this year, COB stand on his slogan *Drug Free burundian youth is the hope of the Nation".
At 5th - July - 2019, The celebration of international Day against Drug in Burundi continued at Muramvya Province, commune Bugarama. This big event had been honored by the first Vice-President, the Excellent Gaston SINDIMWO, Officers of intern security and Health Ministry. The main speech of the day was articulated on the call of all Burundian people to promote drug free education within their families, community and schools."

See photos from the events here
On the 26th of June 2019, UYDEL Makindye joined the world to celebrate the World Drug Day under the theme of “health for justice, justice for health” through the UNODC Line Up Live Up sports program. A total number of 105 young people took part on this day with 77 females and 28 males: "We used these sessions to sensitize vulnerable adolescents from the slums about the different life skills that can be used in resisting peer and social pressures to engage in unhealthy behaviors, coping with depression and anxiety, seeking help and effective communication with their peers. On this specific day we learnt about seeking help and this was through group interactive game challenges like free zone and tag of war followed by a de-brief on what was learnt in relation to dealing with life stressors. We also encouraged young people to form support groups to encourage each other and their peers who are still in the community". Read the full report here
Fourth Wave Foundation – Project VENDA, a WFAD member working with teenagers and young adults in the fight against the menace of drug abuse, aims to create S.A.F.E. (Substance Abuse Free Environment).
As a part of creating S.A.F.E., Project VENDA commemorated International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking by conducting activities like Morning Assembly Speech, Poster Making, Slogan Making and Walkathon,
from 24 June to 26 June 2019, throughout 325 schools in Ernakulam city in Kerala, India. This was done in order to spread information to help teenagers and young adults refrain from illicit drug abuse and use.

See more photos here.

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WFAD member Community Agenda For Peace Hosted their 2nd Quarterly Dialouge on Youth, Peace and Security on June 20th in Lagos.

Read the full report here. 

Community agenda for peace Poster
WFAD Member, Centre for Peace Advancement and Socio-Economic Development (CPAED), implemented a youth-led substance and drug abuse program from July-December 2018, in ten drug affected communities of  Kaduna state, Nigeria, tagged “Community youth sensitization and re-orientation on danger of drug abuse and political thuggery” aimed at encouraging youth to play active role in fostering the understanding of substance and drug abuse and generate positive changes that will connect others for local action in fight against drug abuse to achieve sustainable  development.

With the goal of reducing the growing level youth perpetrated violence and involvement in substance and drug abuse, we delivered critical on-going integrated education, health, psychosocial and counseling support to help young people achieve positive health behaviours and live productive  lifestyle free from substance and drug abuse.   The effort is being launched in partnership with UNODC, Nexus Fund, Civil Society Network for Substance and drug abuse(CSNetSDA) and NDLEA who supported the successful implementation of the  program.


The following brilliant intervention was made by Cecilia Hajzler, WFAD Member Celebrate Recovery, at the Civil Society Hearing February 26th in Vienna, Austria. 

My name is Cecilia Hajzler and I was born and lived in Serbia most of my life. Currently, for the past 2 years, I live and work in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After more than 20 years of addiction I started my recovery journey within a local community, in a recovery organization and have been in a long-term, stable recovery for 7 years. Since then, I have been involved in grassroots activities of recovery organizations in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Currently in NGO Celebrate Recovery my professional work is based on personal, lived experience of substance use disorder and recovery, but sharing my story is just an icebreaker that enables me to connect with people who seek help to recover. I have learned that it is necessary to continually improve my knowledge and skills through trainings and learning about examples of good practices in order to provide best service I can.
Today I'm talking not only because of my experience, but also through many evidence-based researches, that recovery from substance use disorder is possible.

I will try to address recovery problem on two levels, first, grass roots level and lived experience of drug user and person in recovery and second, I will highlight what decision makers should keep in mind when considering effective measures to reduce illicit drug use.
When I think back about myself while I was using drugs, I see a hopeless, broken person who has lost her identity and all her human dignity. Recovery gave me a new chance, helped me to remember who I used to be before drugs and to dream who I could become. It is not just about being clean from substances, it is about rebuilding your entire life, learning how to live your life by solving problems and not running away from them, fighting your battles daily and learning from them, improving and growing through education and then using all you have become to help others find their recovery pathway.

Read more: Intervention at the Civil Society Hearing February 26th in Vienna, Austria.

Youth for Human Rights International (member organization of WFAD, in Nigeria) organized a One Day Community Awareness Program on Drug Abuse with a view to eliciting the support of Traditional Rulers (local Chiefs/Kings) in Nigeria's Muslim dominated Northern Nigeria. 

The first session held at the Emirs Palace in Kano City, Kano State, Northern Nigeria, on Sunday, 20th January 2019.
Participants were drawn from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Secondary and Tertiary Schools and the Emirate Council.
WFAD-Nigeria collaborated and supported the event.

Report written by
Betty Peter Ekanem
"The meeting drew participants from member organizations of World Federation Against Drugs ( WFAD) in Nigeria, and a total of 14 organizations were in attendance.
Barrister Eze Eluchie, a serving Board member of WFAD presided over the meeting. In his opening remarks, he stated that WFAD has an unflinching passion for Nigeria and is conscientiously working as a pro- prevention body in the fight against drugs and substance abuse in Nigeria and the World at large. He therefore encouraged member organizations to align themselves with the overall objective of WFAD and further reverberate the message of prevention as a more holistic approach in the fight against drugs and substance abuse. He strongly noted that membership could be lost or declined an organization promoting legalization of drug use, this is consequent on the underlying connotations of legalization as an approach in the fight against drugs.

Subsequently, member organizations who have been dormant were asked to renew their membership and maintain an active organizational profile on the WFAD website as membership is activity based. Furthermore, members are to notify WFAD of their drug related activities and send reports directly to the WFAD Secretariat and copy Barister Eze Eluchie for accountability. WFAD seeks to identify with and support activities of member organizations in ways possible, hence members are advised to interface more with WFAD.
Going further, to enhance the interface with WFAD in Nigeria, a WhatsApp group is to be created comprising all member organizations in Nigeria for seamless coordination. More so, members are to work in collaboration and partnership as a concerted approach in promoting the cause of WFAD. Thus, a WFAD project should be planned and implemented in 2019 by member organizations.

In regards to the forthcoming WFAD congress in 2020, members are advised to start planning towards attending the forum. To this effect, members will be duly informed on the call for scholarship to attend the forum.
The meeting came to an end with a resolve from members to be more proactive in the fight against drugs."

nigeria meeting 1nigeria meeting 2
On the 1st-3rd of October the Somali Anti drug misuse act (SADMA), member organisation of WFAD, in Cooperation with the Swed University, Civil Society Network on Substance and Drug Abuse organized the second drug awareness program on Drugs and Substance Abuse Prevention in Somalia with the theme: 'Drugs and substance abuse'

The objectives of the meeting was to increase the awareness on
a. The effects of drugs in human health
b. How the drug is influenced on the studies process
c. Which systems are effected by drugs
d. How the medicine and indicators participate drugs

Alinoor Adan, the deputy director of Somali Anti Drug Misuse Act, spoke about objectives of the program. Alinoor Adan provided a short history of the World Federation against Drugs and the meaning of WFAD, time of establishment, vision and principles. Furthermore, he spoke about drugs, general information and its effects. Mentioning that substance abuse and drug dependency are problems of significant proportions in our society today. They are the leading cause of preventable illness, disability and death in Somalia. 

Alcohol/chemical dependencey is a disease that affects not only individuals but every component of the family, the workplace and the community. Chemical abuse not only includes alcohol and illegal drugs, but also prescription drugs such as tranquilizers, pain medications, sleeping pills, etc. 

Read the full report here.
WFAD member Ajit Baral has been cycling around a vast number of countries to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and to advocate for environmentalism.

“I am awaring people around the world that HIV AIDS can be transmitted by any means not only through sexual contact and those people living with it are humans as well so treat them like humans” Ajit writes. Ajit Baral has been published in numerous newspapers and interviews as well as TV-stations and radio channels around the world.

"I don’t claim to change everyone in this world but I can at least resemble the change. I want to take this step of change as a domino effect. I believe that if at least I change a single person then he or she can change two and they resemble the change and change others and likewise."
Cycling around the world with a mission, Ajit Baral and his companions many obstacles, financial struggles play a very important role according to Ajit, as they need to raise funds to apply for Visa, as well as pay for bike repairs, lodging and food. 

If you would like to fund Ajit Baral and his mission, follow this link to gofundme

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