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Together with four member organisations, UYDEL, Slum Child Foundation, SCAD and Paddifoundation WFAD hosted the second East African Regional Forum. The workshop and forum were part of a pilot-study grant, funded by Swedish Development Agency Forum Syd. The two-day workshop hosted some 25 members from the Region (including Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, as well as two Nigeran participants), with an aim to deepen cooperation between and within civil society. 

The two-day Regional workshop dove into the strengths, needs and capacities in the region's CSOs (within the field of drug and alcohol addiction). The result: The East African Network on substance Abuse was created. The group worked through the network's vision, mission, objectives and activities and the Secretary and Chair of the network were chosen, Kikome Ruth, Uganda and George Ochieng Odalo, Kenya. For more information regarding the network, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to receive the contact persons' email. 

The results of the two-day workshop and discussions was presented in a joint declaration, named the KAMPALA DECLARATION

The final day, 6th of February, the WFAD East African Regional Forum on Prevention and Treatment of Drugs and Alcohol took place. Over 80 participants were joined by a high amount of media. The event, and interviews, were broadcasted on Ugandan television. The Day began with a testimony by Catherine Boyane of Nakuru Drop-In Centre, Kenya, who shared her story and presented the past workshop-days. 
Participants and speakers from the region and abroad joined the forum, which covered a wide range of areas from Convention on the Rights of the Child, Gender and Drug Abuse among Young Women, the Asian experience on Drug Demand reduction, the UN Convention on Transnational Organised Crime, a Drug free worksplace, legalisation of marijuana, Civil Society Impact on Policy Makers, and finally a panel discussion highlighting the situation for women facing addiction within East and West Africa. The Forum was co-funded by Förbundet Mot Droger, IFNGO, WFTC, Drug Free America Foundation and Carlton Hall Consulting LLC. We thank those who supported the forum, the media attendees, the UYDEL Team for hosting us, the speakers a special thank you to all participants in the workshop and forum! 

You can read the pressrelease and agenda here, and access powerpoints below. The Conference Report is attached here.

Agenda topics and power points
The Global Movement: Esbjörn Hörnberg, International President World Federation Against Drugs.
Gender and Drug Abuse among Young Women: Anna Nabulya, Uganda Youth Development Link.
The Convention on the Rights of the Child: Rogers Kasirye, Executive Director, Uganda Youth Development Link.
Asian Experiences on drug demand Reduction: Augusto Nogueira, President, IFNGO.
UN Convention against Transnational Organised Crime, its Review Mechanism and the role of NGOs: Billy Batware, UNODC/UNOTC.
Promoting Prevention, Treatment and Recovery through a Drug Free Workplace: Carlton Hall, Drug Free America Foundation & President and CEO of Carlton Hall Consulting LLC.
Engaging with the African Union and emerging Legalization of drugs: George Ochieng, Founder Slum Child Foundation.
Civil Society Impact on Policy Makers: Regional and Global Advocacy: Eze Eluchie, President of the African Center for Health Law and Development.

Conference report 
Report on the East African Regional Forum: compiled by Lubega Andrew, UYDEL.

Welcome to the East African "Miniature" Regional Forum! 

The Regional Forum will take place on the 6th of February at Nyumbani Hotel, Kampala, Uganda. 
Read the Draft Programme. Read more about the Forum on the website of ISSUP

If you wish to attend the Regional Forum, February 6th, at your own expense, you are most welcome to do so. Register by sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , no later than January 23rd. There are only 25 spots available, so it is first come, first served. Notice will be sent when the registration is full. Information has been sent to members via email. 

The Regional Forum is in connection to a two-day workshop, to which WFAD East African members have been able to apply. Out of which 20 persons have been chosen to attend the two-day workshop. 


Welcome to the 2020 Annual Congress of WFAD, will take place in Vienna, Austria March 1st 2020, 16:00-18:00 CET. Members can participate via online-link. 

Preliminary Agenda, WFAD Congress 2020
a.     Opening and approval of the agenda
b.     Election of officers
c.      Admission of new member organisations
d.     Selection of congressional committees
e.     Reports from the International Board
f.      Financial reports and the auditor’s report
g.     Motions
h.     Plan of Action
i.      Election of International President
j.      Election of  International Board
k.      Election of auditor
l.      Election of Nominating Committee
m.    Statements from the Congress
n.     Time and venue for the next Congress
o.     Closing
Motions or other items for consideration by the Congress shall be submitted to the International Board not later than one month prior to the opening of the Congress. In cases of urgent matters, the International Board can place items on the agenda.
To be elected as an officer of the International Board the candidate must have received a majority of all the votes cast, unless there is only one nominee for an office, in which case the presiding officer, after asking if there are any further nominations, shall declare the nominee elected to the office. The Nomination Committee will present their nominations in February. 

APFAD-WFAD @ Singapore was hosted by NCADA and WFAD during 7-8 November 2019.
The theme of the Forum was "Prevention through Partnerships and Community Action - for a World Without Drugs.

APFAD was established by NCADA to rally NGOs in the Asia Pacific region to support the drug-free cause. APFAD has been organised twice, in 2015 and 2017 with the intent to become the region's
equivalent of the World Forum Against Drugs, hosted and organised by the World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD). "This is the inaugural joint conference with WFAD for the Asia Pacific, co-branded as Asia Pacific Forum Against Drugs (APFAD-WFAD @ Singapore 2019). It is a platform for Asia Pacific NGOs and government agencies to network, share knowledge and exchange best practices on prevention and rehabilitation; and to re-affirm support for and encourage greater adoption of the APFAD declaration, as well as the green and white anti-drug ribbon as the international anti-drug symbol."

Read the full press release, learn more about the speakers and access presentations here.
The conference gathered national and international delegates from the South African region to discuss substance abuse and family related interventions. Academics, Civil society representative, Authorities and many more gathered for three days in Johannesburg, South Africa.  

The Statement makes clear that a Child centric approach is needed in all areas: including Prevention, treatment and recovery, and focuses on the Convention on The Rights of the Child. A convention that makes clear that protecting children from illicit drugs is not an option, it is an obligation. 

Read WFAD's statement at the South African National Conference on Substance Abuse and Family Related Interventions, hosted by the Department of Social Development, South Africa: On the topic of The Prevention and Treatment of Drugs in and Amongst Families.

The Asian Regional Forum Against Drugs was a success!
The regional Forums against Drugs are hosted in strategic location throughout the world. This year, Cochin, India was selected to host the Asian Regional Forum Against Drugs. The conference was a joint cooperation between World Federation Against Drugs and the Fourth Wave Foundation, Project VENDA. 

We thank all participants and speakers for participating in the Asian Regional Forum Against Drugs 2019 and making it a success. The main objective of the forum was to bring together civil society members, key decision makers and practitioners across Asia to empower and enable advocacy and networking in the region. The 3 days of the forum saw key stakeholders from across sectors coming together to share, understand and plan on how to work together.
The forum engaged over around 500 and more participants from across the world through participation and live streaming online.

The program agenda, key themes and topics discussed during the forum was designed to address issues and solutions at regional and country levels. The general feedback suggest that the forum helped in understanding the perspectives on prevention, care & recovery and various best practices. The forum also examined challenges like stigma associated with recovery, legalisation debates and gender perspectives in dealing with the world drug problem.

The response by the local print and online media was very encouraging. Many of the speakers were interviewed and the media coverage during the conference had opinion articles and best practices stories published. The local press rendered due attention to the conference agenda all three days making the conference message reach target audience of youth and local communities by spreading the message of prevention approach in solving the issue of Narcotics and drugs in our communities and among youth.

Read the Conference report

See the presentations here.
For more information and videos follow this link.
For photos visit WFADs Flickr page and Project Vendas Flickr page.
The webcast will be available in a months time on the Youtube Channel of Fourth Wave Foundation.
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Welcome to the Asian Regional Forum Against Drugs!

Asian Regional Forum Against Drugs (ARFAD), an international forum against drug abuse, will meet in Kochi from September 25 to 27.

The three-day event will be jointly organised by the World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD) and Fourth Wave Foundation. Around 120 delegates from across the globe will participate in the event that will bring together people and communities working against substance abuse.

Today is the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking #WorldDrugDay !
WFAD Members are arranging activities and conferences all across the globe! 

Marking today, UNODC have released their Annual World Drug Report.  

The World Drug Report makes clear that:
  • 35 million people worldwide suffer from drug use disorders
  • Only 1 in 7 people recieve treatment
"Preventon and treatment continue to fall short in many parts of the world" 

Read the full report here.
The World Federation Against Drugs together with Uganda Youth Development Link and People Against Drug Dependence & Ignorance have written a response to the Release by the West Africa Commission on Drugs, UNAIDS and the Global Commission on Drug Policy urging for a 'Model Drug Law for West Africa'. 

Read the response here.
Welcome to the Asian Regional Forum Against Drugs in Cochin, India the 25-27th of September 2019. 
The conference is a joint cooperation between World Federation Against Drugs and the Fourth Wave Foundation, Project Venda, with the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime as Chief partner.
The Forum will focus on the Asian region and bring together Civil Society and country representatives from 48 Asian countries and various other nationalities – All working towards a drug free world.
The aim of the forum is to gather member organisations of WFAD and other civil society organisations in the region to share best practices and strengthen capacity in networking and advocacy work.

Read more on the website and register today!

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